A square has never been so versatile.

In spite of its basic square shape, banc is a true master of metamorphosis. It turns any venue into just what you need, a conference room, waiting area or a meeting point. The modular design gives architects total freedom.  This also means: banc is only finished once it is with you in the room.

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Also spectacular are the elegant banc seating isles and group work places which Brunner developed specifically for the university library. Right from the start, Philip Brunner was involved in the selection process for the chairs and tables, and he noticed that the shortlisted lounge furniture was missing one important feature: modularity. This is an important factor in a public building which is first and foremost judged by its price-performance ratio. After all, modular means sustainable, since broken parts can be replaced easily. Equally important, the awarding authority stipulated the need for easy cleaning underneath the seating furniture.

The Lounge system creating vibrant internal spaces where thoughts, ideas and inspiration can be exchanged in a creative atmosphere. By combining individual elements, shapes and colours, you can use this extremely flexible, modular system to bring a unique feel to every space in which it is installed.


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