Perfection all round

Chairs are there to sit on – but are themselves constantly in motion. They are pushed, stacked, rotated, reclined and positioned, they slide, roll and glide across the floor. And, where possible, they have to do this quietly and without damaging the chair or the floor. To make sure that this works well in the long term, furniture needs to be equipped with the right floor gliders or casters. The right choice here depends on various factors. In addition to design and the type of flooring, these also include functional requirements, for example tilt protection or an integrated row linking device.

Hard or soft gliders – the flooring decides.

Floor coverings are divided into hard and soft depending on their hardness and resistance to pressure. Soft gliders are generally better suited to hard floors, e.g. marble or parquet, so they cannot scratch the flooring and so they cause very little noise – it is all about noise reduction. On soft floors however, hard gliders and rollers should be used to ensure optimum gliding and rolling performance.

Shape and material – that is the key.

Gliders are made up of a component for the base and the gliding surface. Depending on the design and function, this may be one or several parts. The gliding surface is the point of contact between the chair and the floor and is therefore of vital importance. Various materials are used for the gliding surface itself: felt, metal and plastic – depending on the desired gliding properties.

Versions and functions – for any situation.

The various room applications involve different requirements so we supply gliders with appropriate additional features. These include, for example, more effective ground adhesion thanks to non-slip gliders, for a firmer hold on smooth surfaces. Or stacking protection and the integrated row linking device – indispensable for function rooms. And sometimes, a particular degree of flexibility is needed: Our special articulated glider adjusts automatically when the floor is uneven or is slightly slanted – thereby ensuring that the base of the furniture always rests flush with the floor, even on difficult surfaces.

Quick and easy: the QuickClick system.

For many chairs we offer an optional system where the glide surface can be changed quickly and easily with a QuickClick mechanism. This is a major advantage for wearing parts such as felt glide surfaces.


Stable and safe – even on four legs.

Different requirements apply to tables as opposed to chairs: They are generally moved less often but have larger surfaces which have to be level. The additional feature of height adjustability is therefore particularly in demand here as this allows slopes and unevenness in the floor to be compensated for – and the table remains stable and safe.

Versatile and portable – in tested quality

Wheels create portability and ensure motion for both chairs and tables. There are hard and soft wheels for various floor coverings, as well as universal wheels which are suitable for use on various floors.
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