Materials and health

We only ever use materials of the highest quality, which extends the life cycle of our products. These materials also come with other properties that have a positive impact on a social and ecological level.

Wood and wooden composites.

Wood is a natural material that absorbs CO₂ from the atmosphere throughout its useful life. It brings warmth and a natural touch to any room. And that is exactly why we use it so often. We have been awarded PEFC certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). This certification provides assurance that wood and wooden composites can be shown to come from ecologically and socially sustainable forestry.

Metals and metallic surfaces.

We mostly use steel and aluminium. By law, both metals must have a certain percentage of recycled content – around 45% for steel and around 58% for aluminium. Both metals are also fully recyclable.


Due to a number of unique properties, plastics cannot be used easily or at all in many products. By applying heat, all kinds of shapes can be moulded with high levels of stability guaranteed. With the addition of coloured granules, a whole world of creativity is opened up with this material.

We are well aware that care must be taken when using plastics. That is exactly why we only use this material for products when it is a logical choice and no better alternative is available. We are also committed to increasing the proportion of recycled material in our plastics. In fact, we already use recycled plastic in our crona light eco and nate products.

Textiles and leather.

Almost all of the cover fabrics in our standard range have been awarded the EU Ecolabel or the STANDARD 100 certification by OEKO-TEX®. Our torro and sevilla 2 leather collections have also been awarded the Blue Angel ecolabel.

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