Orangerie Erlangen

Erlangen, Germany, 2012

A Baroque Gem, Shining With New Life

In addition to the quality of the furniture made by Brunner, it was Brunner’s flexibility in accommodating user wishes that convinced the awarding authority.

The Brunner chairs’ red colour creates a splendid atmosphere in the rooms.

Andreas Weiss, mobilia GmbH, Planung und Innenarchitektur, Nuremberg

The landmark orangery situated right in the middle of Erlangen’s “Schlossgarten”, the castle grounds, a building that since the beginning of the 19th century has been part of Erlangen’s university – the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität – is now full of new life. This baroque gem with its water hall and seminar rooms underwent extensive restoration, and since its re-opening on the occasion of the castle grounds festivities in 2012, it has been extensively used once again by the faculties of music and art history. Even non-students can enjoy being captured by the building’s serene mood, whenever banquets, weddings or speeches are held there. The water hall’s light and graceful atmosphere is further heightened by the light- coloured walls and ceilings featuring restored baroque stucco work.

For the orangery, the awarding authority had been looking for furniture complying with the requirements of university and festive uses alike. Even the chairs’ back rest was a criterion, since it needed to have an angle of inclination that musicians felt to be ideal. Brunner chairs first class and first place fulfilled these requirements. For the water hall, first class was selected, in classic red colour, with armrests, convincing not only by its high level of seating comfort, but also by its easy stackability, using little storage space. In the seminar rooms, first place is the chair of choice, without armrests but otherwise featuring the same comfortable attributes. Table sleight and the round stand-up table cross.flip present plain elegance and can be deployed on a wide range of occasions – both can be folded and are easy to transport.

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