Robert Bosch College

Freiburg, Germany, 2014

A School of Outstanding Character

The new UWC Robert Bosch College in Freiburg is remarkable in several respects. Brunner furniture is part of it.

The formal clarity of the fina chair has an aura of calmness, creating a frame which perfectly highlights the international diversity of the people taking a seat there.

Hannes Linder, architect, hotz + architekten, Freiburg

Promoting tolerance, intercultural understanding, peace and justice – that is the aim of a really unique educational concept: the United World College. There are 15 institutions of its kind globally, where young people from all over the world and from all social backgrounds learn together for two years at a time. The UWC Robert Bosch College in Freiburg was opened in the fall of 2014 as the first and so far only UWC in Germany, offering a place for 206 youths.

The awarding authority, the Robert Bosch Foundation, chose a very special location for this project: a former Carthusian monastery. The listed baroque site was renovated and reconstructed at great expense for three years, and it received an additional glass auditorium-cum-refectory. The planners of Freiburg-based architectural firm hotz + architekten collaborated closely with the authorities for the preservation of historical monuments in order to safeguard the historical building fabric while at the same time creating a building which fulfils all requirements of modern school operation.

The furniture, too, had to achieve the balancing act of bridging the gap between the historical and the modern, connecting everything to form one coherent whole. Here, Brunner was able to convince all concerned with its chair series fina and fox, featuring high-quality plastic shells and both perfectly suited for large venues, to be deployed not only in the refectory and library, but also in the classrooms. trust folding tables and fina conference tables complement the furnishings. White is the dominating colour. In the library, however, fina chairs stained black create a clear contrast. In the administration waiting area, comfortable crona easy chairs have been deployed.

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