University library Freiburg

Freiburg, Germany, 2015

Spectacular Building, Extraordinary Furniture

For the new Freiburg University Library, Brunner developed a special lounge system – with a modular structure and high-class design.

The clear formal language of Brunner furniture perfectly underscores the Library’s functional architecture.

Heinrich Degelo, architect, Degelo Architekten, Basel

Freiburg University Library is one of the largest scientific libraries in Germany. After some 30 years, the old building had to be replaced, and the new library was constructed. In the summer of 2015, the new Freiburg University Library, built by Basel architect Heinrich Degelo, was inaugurated. From the outside, the spectacular building with its projecting and set-off glass façade resembles a cut diamond reflecting its surroundings. Inside, the building is well-lit, well-thought-out and functional.

Also spectacular are the elegant banc seating isles and group work places which Brunner developed specifically for the university library. Right from the start, Philip Brunner was involved in the selection process for the chairs and tables, and he noticed that the shortlisted lounge furniture was missing one important feature: modularity. This is an important factor in a public building which is first and foremost judged by its price-performance ratio. After all, modular means sustainable, since broken parts can be replaced easily. Equally important, the awarding authority stipulated the need for easy cleaning underneath the seating furniture.

So Brunner went to work and developed this banc version in a very short time, which turned out to be the winner. A u-shaped supporting frame in different widths and fully upholstered seat and back elements in three heights can now be combined freely across the room: seating 2 or 30, open to all sides or screened off for confidential conversations or concentrated work. Matching table tops, a bar counter as well as various side tables complement the programme. In combination with hoc stools and plot laptop tables, no demand remains unsatisfied. Also deployed: prime stacking chairs and fina cantilever chairs.

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