A-Chair at School

The High School Lessing-Gymnasium in the district Wenden of the city Braunschweig made a name for itself throughout Germany at the end of 2009. The online edition of the news magazine Spiegel, Spiegel Online, reported extensively on the “rubbish school” and the satire show “Extra3” of the station NDR named the school “the worst school in North Germany”. But this belongs to the past. Meanwhile, the Lessing-Gymnasium has been completely renovated and received a new assembly hall with 350 seats. The new building, drafted by the architectural office “Dohle+Lohse”, based in Braunschweig, has been reduced to its essentials. The building is highly functional and contains a differentiated geometry inside. The furniture should be as puristic as the building. Because of that, the A-Chair by Brunner was chosen with its clear design and high functionality.

With these qualities, the A-Chair blends harmoniously into the design space and offers a maximum of comfort at the same time. The slender legs are an essential part of the design concept by jehs+laub. Placed in a row, you can only see the thickness of one single leg, which calms the overall picture enormously. The A-Chair had won six renowned design prizes a few months after its market launch – and has also been deployed in various large international projects in the meantime.