Beau Soleil

Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland, 2017

The room and its furniture

The furniture in the Collège Alpin Beau Soleil extension also has an educational purpose.



With the right furnishings, we can emphasise the architectural nature of the premises.

ABA Partenaires SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

The institution, founded in 1910, is one of the oldest private schools in Switzerland. Approximately 250 pupils from all over the world aged between 11 and 18 are looked after and taught there in a homely environment. The motto here is: “It’s what you do that counts.”

The Collège Alpin Beau Soleil occupies a spectacular location amid the Alps of western Switzerland with unobstructed views out over the seven summits of the Dents du Midi mountains. This means that these surroundings are actively incorporated into the extra-curricular activities on offer: Pupils get to climb mountains, go on walks or spend the weekend camping out. 60% of their time is occupied by maths, languages and science, while the remaining 40% is devoted to cultural, artistic and sporting activities.

 The secondary school students from 50 countries are destined to become presidents, business leaders and thought leaders one day.

In 2016/17, the campus was expanded to adapt this elite boarding school to today’s technical, spatial and educational standards.

The interior of the new building is the result of a close collaboration between builders, architects and interior designers. The school’s prestige and extraordinary geographical location represented a particular challenge.

The choice of furnishings and materials was guided by the desire to create a balance between a contemporary lifestyle and the history of this institution. The designers were also convinced that the furnishings could highlight the educational quality of the architecture.

A healthy mix of furniture for recreational and study areas, lounges and places to stimulate creativity was therefore chosen. The various Brunner ranges enable comfortable relaxation or productive work in the library, student lounge, corridors and staff rooms.

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