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The green therapist who is planting new ideas.

An exceptional new product has blossomed in the Brunner portfolio – PARA VERT.

PARA VERT was originally "only" developed to be a functional yet decorative design element for the Brunner trade fair stand but as the most-photographed subject at Orgatec 2018 it has been perfected now for series production.

PARA VERT is, therefore, in many respects an advantageous innovation for the interior of offices, central areas and lounges, restaurants, hotels and communal areas in hospitals and care facilities.

The free-standing, plantable room divider was exclusively designed for Brunner by the Ippolito Fleitz Group. Tilla Goldberg (Head of Product Design) developed the basic idea for the PARA VERT from the context of designing and upgrading new ones working environments.

Tilla Goldberg describes: „Inspired by the feeling a sense of longing for things to be more natural, for increasingly greater scrutiny of materials and a desire for sustainable designs; from customers, but also ourselves. Alongside these themes, structural and cultural questions relating to new working environments.“, is the studio are working on.

As an result, the internationally acclaimed design studio started an internal research project in 2018 with the working title "Green indoors" - PARA VERT is a product concept that grew and flourished from this.

The task of designing the Orgatec trade fair stand for Brunner fitted perfectly in the overall concept and was the perfect fertile ground for a spatially effective green structure that pulled together and received a lot of attention.

And at a certain point, a good product concept also needs someone, who recognises its potential. It was Rolf Brunner - impressed by both the design and the applications – realized that there was actually still a lot of potential in the originally "only" developed functional yet decorative design element for the Brunner trade fair stand.

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