workspace Expo Paris 2019

Oh lala!

Vom 16. bis 18. April 2019 präsentierte Brunner die aktuellen Produkt-Highlights seines Sortiments aus dem Bereich Office auf der Messe „Workspace Expo“ in Paris – eine der führenden Fachmessen für die Gestaltung unterschiedlichster Arbeitsumgebungen in Europa.
Mit der crona-, ray- und A-Collection sowie dem Multiboard-System team, dem höhenverstellbaren Tisch lift und den Barhockern hoc zeigte Brunner einen Produktmix, der hervorragend zum Schmelztiegel der kreativen Lösungen, funktionalen Möglichkeiten, außergewöhnlichen Designs und visionären Arbeitsplatzmodellen passte.

Furniture & Light 2019

Hej hej Stockholm!

Flexible, stylish and innovative: Brunner will be presenting its product range at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in Sweden for the first time.



Our home and work lives are set to blend together going forward and our new developments reflect this. And that’s why we are always open to breaking the mould and embracing new developments - shown at Orgatec 2018.

Our new products open up spaces – both indoors and outdoors – and extend areas designed for communication, with settings such as cafeterias, lounges and project spaces becoming all the more important. The office isn’t the only place suitable for meetings and collaboration, as entire methods of work are increasing in agility and flexibility. And that’s why we are always open to breaking the mould and embracing new developments. This year, we will be revealing the very best of our latest product innovations with a focus on ‘New Perspectives’.

Orgatec 2016

New Mix Days.

For flexible room concepts of the future: Under the motto "NEW MIX DAYS", at Orgatec 2016 in Cologne, we presented some new and inspiring solutions.

A seemingly unfinished stand architecture highlights the stage-like nature of our trade fair stands. It represents those properties that are becoming increasingly important in the world of work: openness, flexibility and communication. The wooden skeleton construction of the walls, blank multifunctional surfaces and a grey floor form the background for our product innovations. They show various scenarios of versatile workplace visions.

A framework structure made from untreated wood with partly unfinished, open walls forms the basis of the trade fair exhibit. Apertures and lines of sight make individual scenes within the shell-like structure merge into an overall production – without ever losing focus on the products. The furniture is arranged and combined with other pieces, presenting it to visitors like ingredients for individual experiments.

Just like the motto "Anything is possible", the production design calls for compatibility with the widest range of requirements and needs – whether in a co-working space or an individual office.

The stand architecture is reminiscent of a stage set. This deliberately unfinished nature is a symbol of thinking your own room complete with these products.

Orgatec 2014

Clean lines.

Our products were shown in a minimalistic line graphic form in a print publication. This idea was also used in the room for the purposes of a uniform brand presentation: At Orgatec 2014 in Cologne.

An open and transparent trade fair stand was created from 18km of polypropylene rope. With minimalistic colours and graphic wall filters, this formed the stage for our products.

The rope filters created various room layouts: Thus, a cut-off cone created homely cosiness, a candelabra-like ceiling element referenced the domestic dining table and the angled sails around the cafeteria created this lounge atmosphere.

Gradients and additional dynamism are created using different thicknesses of knitted covers.

The theme of delicate lines, which features throughout the trade fair exhibit, is synonymous with precision and quality. A workshop corner also captures the manufacturing concept behind the products.

Salone Milano 2012

Poetic seating experience.

We used the opportunity of the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair to present two new products: the hoc bar stools and the plot modular seating system. Using an environment kept completely black and white, we were able to showcase both brilliantly.

The plot system was the inspiration behind the design. Various colour, geometry and height combinations enable the formation of individual seating landscapes, giving new freedoms to the seating experience. Spontaneous, improvised and virtually limitless – just like the thoughts and inspirations that can strike during contemplative moments of sitting.

It is precisely such moments, incidents and feelings that the surrounding walls reflect: White walls installed on a black grooved base form appealing, associative shapes, scenarios and spaces that promote thinking.

An image speaks volumes. Especially when it is made up of thousands of words.

On reading, visitors find the product descriptions for both seats in there, but also dialogue sequences, song lyrics, quotes or associations, all to do with the theme of sitting. The flow of words continues along the floor where it surrounds real-world objects.

A bright and luminous cloudy sky made from die cut textile strips floats above the entire scene. Thus, imaginative worlds of ideas open up which combine trying out new products at a trade fair with the pure joy of a moment's relaxation.