Awarded of "Exemplary Building in Ortenaukreis".

Rheinau, July 2020 – The Brunner Innovation Factory has been awarded the title of “Exemplary Building in Ortenaukreis”.

The judging panel deemed 25 properties to be exceptional responses to the building specifications in question as part of the “Exemplary Building in Ortenaukreis” award. Frank Scherer, Head of the District Authority, is the patron of the award. Led by Rottenburg-based architect Monika Fritz, representing the State Executive Board of the Baden-Württemberg Architectural Association, the judging panel spent two busy days narrowing down the 111 entries to find the award-winners.

Some of the criteria the judging panel based their decision on included: external design, size and proportion of the building structure, allocation of inside space, use of rooms and practicality, appropriate use of resources and materials, design transparency, integration into and interaction with the urban context and environment.

The work carried out on the Innovation Factory is exemplary in these respects. Since the outstanding solutions are the result of the combined efforts of the building developers, architects and designers, they are all equal recipients of the award too.

The award ceremony will be held on 5 November 2020.

Architects: HENN GmbH, Martin Henn, Berlin
Building management: Kopf Architekten GmbH, Steinach/Offenburg
Interior design (cafeteria): Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Stuttgart
Landscape design: RAINER SCHMIDT landschaftsarchitekten und stadtplaner, Munich/ Berlin/Bernburg

More impression about the hybrid building can you find here: