Careum Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland, 2016

Innovative Brunner furniture adds to the multifunctional room concept in the new Careum auditorium in Zurich.

We were impressed by Brunner's flexibility and value for money.

Bernhard Lauper, “Auditorium” Head Developer, Member of the Foundation Board, Zurich

Opened in 2005 at the heart of Zurich's training district, the Careum Training Centre offers practical training for healthcare professions. It was set up on the site of the Red Cross Hospital that closed in 1997, but its roots can be traced back to the “Nurse Training Institute” that was opened back in 1882. In 2016, the auditorium was added to the Careum Campus to provide 470 m² of space for presentations, lectures and conferences that would hold up to 500 people.

The design for the underground facility was the work of Zurich-based architect Christof Bhend. You can't miss the entrance from afar thanks to the striking overhanging canopy and large steps lead down from there to the foyer, which has a linear supporting structure. High-up beams and joists span the room, creating space in the room along with the ceiling. Huge concrete beams come together in the hall as a design feature to support the expansive ceiling. And it's a panelled ceiling made of white varnished wood that closes the room off from above.

The developers opted for premium Brunner furniture inside their multifunctional auditorium, as it can be used flexibly and handled with ease. The elegant A-chair with a lava-coloured frame and a high-back seat shell made from oak face veneer goes perfectly with the architecture, without drawing attention away from it. The seat liner is colour-coordinated with the terrazzo floor and boosts comfort levels even further. In line with the A-chair, the get.up folding tables are also in a special design with an A-shape frame, so everything matches perfectly. Sturdy pivot standing tables are an ideal addition to the foyer. All of the tables come with a tough Brunner Nano Tec finish.

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