CIPA - Op der Rhum

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, 2014

Assisted Living in a World Heritage Site

At Luxembourg CIPA – Op der Rhum, senior citizens live in a unique historic ambience. Comfort is provided by 15 series made by Brunner.

High-quality and cosy design combined with high hygienic standards – that’s what convinced Servior.

Christine Bürgin, Regional Sales Head, Brunner GmbH, Rheinau

The Plateau du Rham in the city of Luxembourg is a historic site: the former fortress with its barracks housed soldiers for more than 200 years before being converted to civilian use in 1884. This was the starting point for serving as a home for orphans, homeless and handicapped people and senior citizens as well as a nursing home. Since 1981, it has been state-run and has been part of the Servior group since 1999. In 1994, the UNESCO listed the architecture of the site as a World Heritage Site. But several of the aging buildings had to be closed successively, until in 2007, comprehensive restoration and modernisation work began under the aegis of architect Romain Schmiz.

After seven years of construction time, a unique housing complex for 220 senior citizens has been created featuring a splendid panoramic view. The look of the historic façades has been preserved, old and new elements have been cleverly combined. In the different buildings grouped around an inner courtyard with centennial linden trees and linked by an underground passage, the rooms, apartments and studios offer room for individual ways to spend one’s retirement.

Just as varied are the demands and requirements the furniture has to comply with: high hygienic standards, combined with cosiness. In these respects, Brunner was found convincing thanks to the proven track record in care. Now, 15 different Brunner series perfectly fulfil the various user requirements, first and foremost the two series window and sonato, specifically developed for the care sector. A further plus: inside the buildings, only oak wood is used, and Brunner was able to deliver many of the furniture series in an oak wood version.

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