Gioias Restaurant

Rheinau, Germany, 2019.

Gioias Restaurant in Rheinbischofsheim quite literally brings pure joy to its diners, as this is what "gioia" means in Italian.

Since June 2019, Gioias Restaurant has been located in a listed manor house on the Hanau estate. The head chef blends culinary aspects from different cultures to create a fusion menu, expressing boundless creativity when preparing fresh, seasonal produce sourced from the local area.

In keeping with the stunning food on offer at the restaurant, the interior design oozes style. There is space for 25 diners inside and another 50 out in the garden area. The vaulted cellar can also be booked for special occasions, such as family celebrations, for up to 30 people.

The furniture here is all from Brunner. Inside, break bistro tables and a custom upholstered bench are joined by crona upholstered easy chairs with a sled-base frame and matching crona bar upholstered bar stools, which also have a sled-base frame. Thanks to crona steel, the furniture across the entire establishment is coordinated. The outdoor furniture in the range – chairs and tables alike – looks perfectly at home out in the garden area. With a view to keeping the set-up in the vaulted cellar flexible, the restaurant opted for the elegant 4more folding table paired with crona upholstered easy chairs like those in the main restaurant.

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