Médiathèque Manufacture de Nancy

Nancy, France, 2016

Structured Rooms Thanks to banc and plot

The Médiathèque in Nancy is clearly structured, comfortable and inviting – thanks to the spatially formative lounge furniture series banc and plot.

The decision in favour of furniture made by Brunner reflects the desire to realise a modern and discerning ambience.

Jean-Mathieu Collard, architect, Les Architectes, Strasbourg

The Médiathèque Manufacture de Nancy was inaugurated in 1991; it is one of the essential institutions located in the so-called Manufacture complex, a cultural centre. In order to integrate new digital applications and to make it even more attractive, the Médiathèque was restructured and refurnished under the aegis of Strasbourg-based architectural firm Les Architectes in 2015.

The idea was to make the Médiathèque more inviting and also barrier-free, while providing it with a clearer structure. The goal was to create a comfortably furnished place where people like to meet and enter into an exchange. For this, the floor space was separated into individual zones, noise-protected from each other, allowing different uses while loosening up the look of the room. This was achieved in part by adding glass partitions around some areas, but also by means of the deployed Brunner furniture from the banc and plot lounge furniture series. They were found convincing first of all thanks to their modularity, their multitude of possible combinations and their modern and even puristic design.

Comfortable upholstered banc sofas and low-back easy chairs create lounges for talking in small and large circles. Upholstered benches from the banc series, open to all sides, complement the furnishings. High-back chairs and matching room dividers in turn provide privacy and noise protection. The plot lounge system was variably configured too: in its basic form, it forms an open seating landscape, inviting encounter and exchange. Combined with matching screens, however, individual basic modules create niches allowing for calm and concentration.

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