St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital

St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2018

Sitting comfortably promotes learning

St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital has established a new training centre under the project name "Lernen 39" (Learning 39).

With the A-chair and banc, you could say we get to have our cake and eat it!

KSSG Project Manager, St. Gallen, Switzerland

As a tenant, the St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital has a training centre, medical fitness centre, administrative area, media centre, cafeteria, an auditorium and day care centre for employees' children in the new building. What was previously distributed across seven smaller buildings has been brought together under one roof in this building that is around one hundred metres long. The proximity to the neighbouring building, which is home to the vocational training college's classrooms and the vocational training and education centre for health and social care professions means this is a veritable hub of education. For students, visitors and staff, the building is just a 12-minute walk from the hospital area and has excellent public transport links.

For larger occasions, management meetings and information events, the auditorium can seat up to 120 people. The lecture hall can also be an extension to the catering area and thus can be used for aperitifs and similar activities.

There are very few models left on the Swiss market that meet the majority or all of our requirements. The A-chair from Brunner was shortlisted straight away in St. Gallen. The fourth storey of the new building offers staff sweeping views out over the city. An open office space is home to 70 work stations. The communal area, fitted out with Brunner banc seat modules and tables, has also been designed as an open space. The task of furnishing the area was no mean feat since it has almost unlimited potential uses. And everyone at the Cantonal Hospital was unanimous, as confirmed by project manager Susanne Wick: "It shouldn't just be a sea of sofas." The banc model from Brunner provided the ideal solution.

"With the A-chair and banc, you could say we get to have our cake and eat it! Striking seating with an attractive design that not only looks good but also meets all the key requirements in terms of functionality and fire protection."

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