Zentrum für Psychiatrie (ZfP)

Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2011

Feel-Good Clinic

Brunner chairs set homelike accents, ideally matching the overall concept.

The architecture and the high-quality furniture create a soothing atmosphere for the patients.

Joachim Staudt von huber staudt architekten bda, Berlin

Lots of light and air, a soothing atmosphere and timelessly elegant design – these qualities are not commonly the first associations when thinking about a psychiatric institution. But in the new building of the Zentrum für Psychiatrie (ZfP) (Psychiatric Centre) at Friedrichshafen, Germany, light, air and atmosphere are integral elements complementing the therapy concept. The significant one- to three-floor structure with its fair-faced concrete façades and vertical timber lining using untreated silver fir sets a contemporary, regional and homelike accent at the Friedrichshafen clinic premises. Architect Joachim Staudt explains: “We wanted to conceive this house not as a ‘typical’ hospital. It was our express wish to create a counterbalance in terms of a positive atmosphere. The character should remind you more of a hotel or your own home.” This has worked out just fine, and the safety and security aspects that had to be observed remain unobtrusively in the background.

The architects were not only concerned about the atmosphere of the architecture at large, but also of the interior decoration with its direct repercussions on patients’ well-being. Using concrete and wood in appropriate ways typical forn the respective materials, a few light, pastel colours and lots of light characterize the atmosphere in the rooms. Brunner chair milanosoft, highlighting the high-quality character of the patient rooms, ideally matches the overall concept, providing an easy choice for the architects and the awarding authority. With its light- or dark-coloured covers, it can also be deployed in the social rooms for a variety of occasions. In the dining area, the delicate stackable chair tool 2 supports the light and friendly atmosphere, featuring seat shells stained light green or maple.

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