DESIGN | More than a mere formality.

Our understanding. Our principles. Our partners.

What comes to mind when you hear: Design? Aesthetics. Extravagance. High class.
At Brunner, we think of that too – and even more: Comfort. Good health. Ergonomics. What is also important to us: Benefits. Sustainability. Responsibility. We share the values and visions of our design partners. United by a shared goal: To create furniture that makes working life, ambience and day-to-day life better all round. We pursue the Brunner triad of "Functionality – Quality – Shape".

“Design is more than just art, it is a service that simplifies people's lives – and of course makes it more appealing too.”



We combine business with beauty

Efficient functionality that creates emotions: Thanks to its innovative, elegant design, Brunner furniture brings joy, satisfaction and a sense of well-being to a wide range of settings – for personnel and users alike. Numerous carefully considered features that are integrated or can be adapted ensure exceptional usage benefits and modern, demand-oriented solutions to the ever growing challenges in offices, public spaces, restaurants and care facilities. Practical functions that feel good literally transform our attractive furniture into an impressive Brunner experience day after day.  And we work tirelessly, inimitably, and sometimes unconventionally, to achieve that goal. Brunner furniture is designed to push back and redefine boundaries.


We take responsibility

Our understanding of quality goes hand in hand with the responsibility that our family-run company assumes towards customers, employees, partners and the environment. The first step is a design that cleverly plans resources and factors in all possibilities in construction. Next are the high-quality materials from our value-driven partners. We rely on responsible manufacturing in efficient processes using cutting-edge technologies and careful craftsmanship. The result is contract furniture that users can enjoy for a long time. Because they remain consistently beautiful and comfortable throughout their long lifecycle – even with heavy, versatile use.

“Brunner is committed to responsibly developed and manufactured contract furniture that endures: in its usefulness, its elegance, its comfort. That is our promise of quality.”




Naturally, it has to look good: the shape. This is what transforms a simple usable object into designer furniture. It makes you want to reach out, take a seat, all alone with your own thoughts or to communicate with others. The furniture should adapt to the user, raise them, provide support or allow them to relax. The ergonomic shapes ensure good health, improve performance and the sense of well-being. Practical layouts simplify work processes. It should also merge harmoniously into the architecture and design of the interior. It forms part of the overall landscape without ever becoming arbitrary. That’s why the demands we place on shape go beyond the purely beautiful: We combine extravagance with simplicity, hard work with elegance, a sense of cosiness with a feeling of lightness and modern accents with timeless charm. With clean lines, we focus on the essentials. The results speak for themselves – throughout the world.


Shaping the future together

We regard ourselves as a partner on an equal footing with the designers to whom we entrust our deliberations and projects. From the very beginning, we become actively involved in the product development stage and enjoy intensive collaboration with inspiring ideas and valuable insights. Together, we want to find answers to the requirements of the future in a number of different sectors. We are ready to allow the freedom to rethink ideas, to experiment and to accept failure as a valuable lesson on the way to achieving this goal. We are willing to try new cooperations and are proud of long-term partnerships based on trust. All this is crucial to our versatile portfolio of premium products.

Proposal: “We regard Brunner less as a customer and more as a partner who contributes its part to the final result with an innovative development department among other things.”
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