Whistleblower protection

Reporting office at Brunner

The German Whistleblower Protection Act (Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz – HinSchG) is intended to help identify potential risks to the company, its employees and the general public, quickly detect violations, and eliminate proven misconduct.

The internal reporting office set up for this purpose at Brunner enables the reporting of justified information about suspected infringements or violations of the law or rules in accordance with the German Whistle Blower Protection Act without fear of retaliation.

Serious suspected cases with high-risk violations of applicable law (e.g. criminal offences) or internal regulations can be reported.

For example:

  • Theft, embezzlement and unjust enrichment offences

  • Corruption, antitrust violations and money laundering

  • Fraud

  • Cases of sexual harassment, discrimination and racism

  • Data protection violations and information technology security

  • Violations of financial law and financial reporting

  • Violations in conjunction with environmental regulations and occupational health and safety

  • Other high risks, e.g. rule violations that pose significant damage to the company and its reputation

Employees, temporary workers and external stakeholders can submit reports via the following email address:Hinweisgeber@brunner-group.com.

The mailbox is managed only by the Whistleblower Protection Officer with the highest confidentiality

To ensure that your report is processed appropriately and can be investigated, it is important that you describe the circumstances in as much detail as possible. Consider the following five questions: Who? What? When? How? Where?

Once we have successfully received your report, you will receive confirmation immediately. The whistleblower Protection Officer will then check and process the suspected case carefully and discreetly. You will subsequently receive a response regarding the situation and any follow-up measures taken in response to your report.