OdA Gesundheit Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland, 2019.

New training centre in Greencity.

Founded in 2007, the “Organisation der Arbeitswelt Gesundheit Zürich (in short: OdA Gesundheit Zürich) is the industry association for vocational training in the healthcare sector for the canton of Zürich. The association represents its members in the organisation, development and implementation of health education. As the number of course participants has increased steadily, the current location became too small, which is why the OdA Gesundheit Zürich moved to Greencity at the start of 2020. Little by little, an exemplary model of a sustainable urban district is emerging in Zürich South. Greencity is the first certified “2,000-watt site” in Switzerland. The area is an urban mix of schools, residential buildings, offices, restaurants and hotels. The Pergamin II building is part of that and is the first commercial building in this district.

With 7,250 m², the organisation rents around 60% of the space in the Pergamin II building. The building comprises 11 floors with a total of 12,200 m² and stands 40 metres tall. OdA Gesundheit Zürich opened their new training centre for inter-occupational courses in the healthcare sector and their higher technical college for intensive care, emergency and anaesthesia nurses and offers specific vocational and practical education and training.

For this purpose, 35 classrooms, lounges and break rooms are available as well as a large auditorium on the ground floor.

When it comes to furnishings, OdA Gesundheit Zürich has opted for functional yet beautiful furniture from Brunner. In addition to more than 120 stacking A-chairs and over 240 hero stacking chairs, folding tables from the basic range are also used. In break out areas, the banc lounge system, alongside crona felt, break, and crona light bar, invite students to linger, relax and learn together.

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