TAG Heuer SA

Eysins, Schwitzerland, 2019.

TAG Heuer luxury watchmaker’s new branch office furnished with pieces from Brunner

Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer, is renowned for its sophisticated and luxurious watches and timepieces.

To embrace the growth of the company and improve the chance of recruiting good employees, TAG Heuer made the decision to remove almost 70 workplaces from the headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds and relocate to an open office concept at Lake Geneva. As a number of employees already live at Lake Geneva, this enables them to shorten their commute. What’s more, they are also able to reap the benefits of improved infrastructure connections. The plan is to relocate workplaces, among other things, from the marketing, sales, IT, e-commerce and digitisation sectors. Headquarters and production will continue to remain at their current location.

The new branch office uses stacking A-chairs, ray conference chairs and 4more folding tables. All frames are matching in the colour lava and provide a harmonious, elegant overall appearance.

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