Because hygiene can be stylish

Individuals and their needs and wishes always come first. Then we design suitable furniture. This is particularly true for our products in the "Care" sector. They meet the many stringent requirements in terms of materials and handling in care homes, hospitals and practices.

Fabrics and upholstery

Our products for the Care sector have easily removable upholstery and covers as well as optional moisture protection. During periodic thorough cleaning, they are fully ready for use again instantly when featuring moisture protection. Their fabrics, which can be washed at temperatures of up to 60°C, are also particularly resistant to dirt and bodily fluids. A special moisture protection membrane ensures even greater hygiene, in the case of incontinence for example. It prevents moisture from penetrating the upholstery.

Finishes and materials

Our finishes are extremely robust. Special HPL lamination and sealants ensure that they are particularly disinfectant-resistant. We also use a type of antibacterial wood that resembles natural beech – either in solid form or in an extremely sturdy bonded laminated wood variant.

Special design

If it is hard for dirt to adhere, it needs cleaning less. Our furniture for the Care sector therefore features as few grooves, crevices and notches as possible. Details from invisibly attached elements and upholstery components to outer edges and optional hygiene covers also make cleaning easier. Lastly, among other things, the sonato range chairs ensure a completely enclosed underside.