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Mission & vision – eco.

As a family company, sustainability is an issue that is particularly close to our heart. We want to be a positive force in shaping both the present day and the future for coming generations. This concern is reflected in holistic strategies – from production through to product recycling – to minimise negative effects on the environment as far as possible.

We are constantly on the lookout for new, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials and more resource-efficient processes. This has given rise to a sustainable reinterpretation of the award-winning all-rounder, crona light. This new version represents a consistent step for Brunner towards an increasingly environmentally friendly product portfolio.

crona light eco

Sustainable in more ways than one.

With crona light eco, we are taking a consistent approach towards a sustainable future: All materials used for the chair have been selected according to strict environmental criteria.

Renewable raw materials and reprocessed recycled materials have been crafted to create an almost seamless design. It looks good, is easy to care for and saves on cleaning products, which is good news for the environment too. After a long service life, the crona light eco can be dismantled and separated into its various materials. The individual components are then ready for further recycling.

We are thus fully meeting our high standards of functionality, aesthetics and quality – crona light eco combines all these factors. The result is a practical chair. Simple yet stunning.

A plastic shell with history

Sometimes, there is only one way: multi-way.

The right freame for every application

Sustainable foundations.

This is our approach to sustainability at Brunner

Putting sustainability into practice.

Our planet is unique and beautiful and the nature is an irreplaceable supplier of raw materials. To ensure it remains this way, we use wood sourced exclusively from PEFC-certified forestry, use environmentally friendly and recyclable materials as well as sustainable production processes in accordance with ecological guidelines (DIN EN ISO 14001). This is how highly durable furniture made from mainly reusable components is created.

So the end is not really the end, simply the start of something new.

What is Brunner doing for the environment?
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