At a glance into the future!

The new Brunner products are here.

Design needs dialogue – and new work needs good old interactions.

When we talk about the future of work with designers, architects, planners and users, one thing is always crystal clear: The future isn’t somehow simply patiently waiting for us further down the line. The future is anytime, anywhere. And it is here and now.

We have developed our latest products precisely for the here and now. For a time when we are meeting in the office to work together again – where the type of creativity that is so vital as the source of innovation in every company thrives.

Osko + Deichmann


Mount. Connect. Get started.

Creative lateral input? Concise strategy meeting?
boards does it all – however and wherever you want. Taking centre stage in every project – exceptionally light (white)boards and their agile easels: rolling stools with clever cut-outs plus desk-style and standing tables with mounting options and pull-out edges.


lift active

Plays an active role in your working life.

As a table or optionally as a magnetic whiteboard, agile on casters and with the option to adjust the height at the touch of a button.

Atelier Steffen Kehrle

nate s

nates s.

Perfect for flexible use in offices, seminars or at events, nate s mobilises its slim stools and tables/standing tables with casters and supplements the range with stacking folding tables designed for sitting and standing with practical mechanisms. The range can also be stacked, and the new nate s bar stools with shaped handle bar along the sophisticated seat are always close to hand. 



An all-round success.

oval in a nutshell? Modular upholstered furniture.
With emphasis on the extraordinarily comfortable upholstery.

The incredible freedom of design and number of possible combinations with this modular lounge system are also impressive. Customised seating landscapes, zones and protected recreation areas are formed – exactly as required.

AART Designers


Unrestricted comfort.

The feel family welcomes you with a thoughtful embrace thanks to its enclosing back. Its homely cosiness with a natural Scandinavian design combines incredible texture with unrestricted comfort. Numerous carefully considered details make life easier – and more relaxing. feel – enjoy comfort.

Diez Office


Iconic shape. Sustainable values.

mudra is taking the shell chair to the next level.
The result allows space for interpretations on the wide-angled seat. The beautifully curved back gently cushions every position, ensuring maximum freedom of movement and making the universal stackable chair effortless to handle and easy on the eye. This is how mudra makes a lasting impression – and so do the sustainable values. All materials can be replaced, separated and sorted.


ray soft lounge

Look for comfort. 

The new ray soft lounge chair reduces the seat height and stress level. Lean back, relax and enjoy the moment – in the small chair or in the high-back chair with ottoman.


crona steel

crona steel makes field work even more flexible.

With space-saving, all-weather folding tables ready in the blink of an eye. Stacking stools that are quick to set up complete the social gathering at a height perfect for casual lounging. Their ergonomically formed seat slats made of rounded flat steel guarantee weatherproof comfort – even when sitting indoors. Selected colours complete the overall look both indoors and outdoors.


Make yourself comfortable.