Planting new ideas.

PARA VERT. A screen. A room divider. A separator into working zones. A green therapist. Yes, all of those things. And always as a new product concept in which nature can reclaim the room. Lush and individually planted. As a green therapist in an age of new working environments, it can be used to plant new ideas easily.

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PARA VERT is perfect in modern working environments as a free-standing room divider and for room-height zoning.
The product is a transparent spatial filter that incorporates vertical planting into a room divider. It consists of a modular structure that can be expanded as required and can be both a free-standing room divider or create room-height zoning.

Doing more for the work environment is high on the list of priorities for management everywhere.

Tilla Goldberg, Designerin Ippolito Fleitz Group


PARA VERT comprises two modules: Vertical, curved metal poles are joined together by large cylindrical planters creating a floral three-dimensional structure. The modules can be bolted together in angled positions to form free-standing physical combinations. The modular structure is therefore ideal for creating a free-standing room divider and for room-height zoning.

Impressive due to its modular nature.

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The PARA VERT was designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group exclusively for Brunner. The multidisciplinary and internationally active design studio from Stuttgart designs architecture together with its clients. Products and communication are always a part of the bigger picture and are therefore what sets us apart.
Tilla Goldberg – Head of Product Design at Ippolito Fleitz Group –  developed the basic idea for the PARA VERT from the context of designing and upgrading new ones Working environments until they are ready for the market.