Individual yet universal.

The fact that a fox is sly is no fairy tale. It's a success story. It has been continually evolving ever since. As a stacking chair, cantilever chair or with runners: As a true transformation artist, it is at home everywhere. Whichever type – they are all clever!

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The awarding authority, the Robert Bosch Foundation, chose a very special location for this project: a former Carthusian monastery. The listed baroque site was renovated and reconstructed at great expense for three years, and it received an additional glass auditorium-cum-refectory. The furniture, too, had to achieve the balancing act of bridging the gap between the historical and the modern, connecting everything to form one coherent whole. Here, Brunner was able to convince all concerned with its chair series fina and fox, featuring high-quality plastic shells and both perfectly suited for large venues, to be deployed not only in the refectory and library, but also in the classrooms.


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