Linde AG

Höllriegelskreuth, Germany, 2008

Architecture as Employee Homage

The Linde Agora is special – like the fina chair specifically developed for it, featuring a larch wood cover surface.

With the fina chair specifically developed for the Linde Agora, we’ve created something that didn’t exist before.

Philip Brunner, Sales Germany, Brunner GmbH, Rheinau

Creating a place to come together where employees and guests feel at ease – an “agora”, which in ancient Greece was the central meeting place of a city. That was the declared aim when back in 2006 Munich-based Linde AG gave the starting signal for a new conference centre and employee restaurant at the intersection of the corporate divisions of Linde Engineering and Linde Gas, located in Höllriegelskreuth. The new building planned by architectural studio Werner Kergaßner now presents itself as a freely formed futuristic steel and concrete building: a building radiating true inspiration as an homage to the employees. Via a light-flooded foyer, five levels open up which create a unique spatial experience with corners and niches, offset ceiling borders, projections and a complex support system. In the first upper level, there’s the restaurant seating some 2,000 staff, designed in a very open fashion. The upper levels house training and educational rooms as well as a VIP area. Such an extraordinary building also calls for special solutions in the interior design concept. Here, Brunner was convincing thanks to tailor-made fina chairs. They were to be particularly lightweight and feature a cover layer of larch wood matching the restaurant’s interior panelling. Thanks to the relevant expertise, Brunner was able to realise this using very soft larch wood – creating something that didn’t exist before. The harmonious overall impression is complemented by milanolight tables also featuring a larch wood edge. Deployed in the conference area: the comfortable armchair linos, featuring a writing tablet attachable when necessary, as well as the easy-to-handle folding table sleight.


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