Paulsen Gymnasium, Berlin

Berlin-Steglitz, Germany, 2011

Colour as Concept

Brunner chairs support the concept of colours and materials in Berlin Paulsen Gymnasium high-school.

twin and this location are just meant for each other.

Kersten + Architekten, Berlin

Green is colour no. 1 – twin plays along
“Delicate yet sturdy”: according to the architects, that’s how the chairs should be like which were to be placed in the school restaurant located in the garden of Paulsen Gymnasium high-school in Berlin. With twin, the architects found a chair that according to them is a perfect match for this location: they found this lightweight and stable monobloc plastic chair not only convincing because of its young, fresh and uncomplicated design, but also because of its flexibility – it can be deployed both indoors and outdoors on the terrace. Moreover, twin is stackable, which makes it a perfect complement to the versatile use of the available space. It also matches the architectural colour concept. Green is the colour no. 1 in the elongated glass cube. Its shiny cladding reflects the trees, the glass façade appears as if consisting of pixels, made up as it is of enamelled, coloured and clear surfaces. “The green of the interior panels and twin’s apple colour are a perfect match” the architects are enthusiastic, and headmaster and school administration are also convinced by this concept.

fox takes up the tradition
The old auditorium dating back to the year 1908 also received a new complexion, complete with a new furnishing of flexible and stackable single chairs. Here, the delicate all-purpose chair fox was deployed, plain, elegant and thus appropriate for a great variety of events and venues. The chairs’ light, oak coloured wooden shells are in perfect harmony with the new oak sipe parquet floor, set edgewise. Added to this is a fun-loving playful- ness brought about by the colourful dabs of the coloured seat shells in pastel hues of green and blue, as a reference to and in memory of the formerly artful glass decoration of this room.

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