crona steel

Made of stil.

Summer is in the air!

It loves the sun! And yes, the rain and snow as well. In fact, the weather is always just right:
A rugged outdoor lover through and through in powder-coated steel. It does have a softer side as well though: the ergonomically shaped flat steel struts on its seat shell in the typical crona design. Yes, it's comfy – and adaptable: It is available in seven different colours as needed, complete with armrests and outdoor seat upholstery if desired – not to mention space saving when stacked.
The delicate crona steel bistro table, with its slimline legs intersecting effortlessly making for a sturdy, even base, is the perfect companion for the chair. And it, too, is designed for outdoor use.
What are you waiting for? Come outside!

Perfect for sitting outside.

New additions to the outdoor range: The bistro chairs and tables already available in the range are being joined by a bar stool, a standing table, a bench, a lounge chair with and without armrests, and two different side tables. Now there’s no excuse for not having matching outdoor furniture!

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crona steel - brightens up outdoor spaces in any design

Defy the weather reports.

crona steel suits any environment and defies the weather, including the version with seat cushions. With water-repellent cushions made from the kvadrat patio collection, the right theme can be achieved on any terrace or balcony. patio is kvadrat's first cover fabric specially designed for outdoor use. Three years of intensive research and development lie behind the innovative, weather-resistant fabric.


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