numera evo

Seat numbering: quick – efficient – simple.

It must be possible to adapt large spaces such as exhibition halls and congress centres as quickly and efficiently as possible. Seat and row numbering is almost always necessary. Here at Brunner, we have been working to perfect our seat numbering solutions for over 30 years, with the ultimate aim of making your events easier.

With numera evo, the contactless evolution of our electronic seat numbering system, now you can number hall seating configurations flexibly, intuitively and faster than ever before.

High-resolution display.

Customisation knows no limits.

Fits right in anywhere.

The seat numbers integrate seamlessly into wood, plastic, upholstery liner and fully upholstered shells. And, since the numbers have a flat, compact design, there is no compromise in terms of comfort, no matter which chair. We also offer row numbering that is perfectly tailored to each seat model on request.

Suitable products: A-Chair, hero plus, fox, first series, alite.

Product idea, functionality and application.

A simple and cost-effective numbering system for your events.
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