Aichach Hospital

Aichach, Germany, 2018

Aichach Hospital – Bavaria's most modern clinic

After some four years of construction, the newly built hospital in Aichach was able to open its doors in autumn 2018. During this period, Bavaria's most modern hospital was born.

Timeless design and outstanding build quality!

Dr. Krzysztof Kaźmierczak, managing director of Kliniken an der Paar, Aichach

The structural aspects help create more effective working procedures, are adapted to medical advancements, and enable a high quality of medical care. The homely design and comfortable atmosphere by no means takes second place however. In addition to the coordinated use of colours and materials, various pieces of Brunner furniture, such as fina, crona and halm, also contribute to this. These invite users to sit in patient rooms, on the terrace and in the cafeteria among other areas.

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