Microsoft Munich

Munich, Germany, 2018

Open and dynamic: Brunner furnishes Microsoft event rooms

The new Microsoft head office in the Schwabing district of Munich is characterised by transparency and communication. This multifunctional space for internal and external events is the perfect expansion to the open office structure. The flexible large-capacity and event furnishing is intelligently designed with, among other pieces, over 600 A-chairs from Brunner.

By constructing the new German headquarters in Munich, Microsoft made a conscious decision to become spatially more accessible and more transparent to the outside world. The 26,000 square metre large headquarters in Parkstadt Schwabing has therefore incorporated several multi-purpose rooms in its open office structures that are used internally and externally. Daily events of various kinds take place here for several hundred people in total. These areas are furnished with the award-winning A-chair conference chair with customised upholstery, the stable and functional pivot standing table and the sturdy and easy-care twin monoblock plastic chair from Brunner.

"The building's primary aim is to facilitate communication – and not just for our own employees", explains Microsoft. The areas accessible to the general public, including the atrium, the on-site coffee bar and the canteen are complemented by the intelligently designed event rooms on the ground floor. These are a pleasant contrast to the working areas and can be furnished differently depending on the occasion and even, for example with group tables or cinema-style seating. With its well-thought-out design, the furniture provided by Brunner fits perfectly with the multifunctional room and communication concept. 634 A-chairs, six pivot standing tables and twelve twin chairs are used.

A-chair – the modular all-rounder with a one-piece look.

Elegant and aesthetically sophisticated – those are the key design features of the A-chair. Looking at the chair from the side, its silhouette looks like an "A", hence the name. The slimline legs are also a fundamental part of the design concept. When lined up, the impression is of a single, sturdy leg, resulting in a calmer appearance overall. Thus the elegant A-chair doesn't attract attention away from the architecture – even when there are 1,000 of them in one room. "To begin with the A-chair was a product – in the end it was a modular system suitable for flexible use in all architectural areas", according to Markus Jehs from designer duo jehs+laub who have been working closely with Brunner for years now. For the Microsoft headquarters, the conference chair, winner of the Red Dot Design Award, has been given custom-coloured upholstery.

pivot – the innovative and mobile nesting table

A range of functional details make the pivot standing table an outstanding everyday product – it blends in, is easy to handle and can be used flexibly. "pivot is designed to be inconspicuous but highly functional, a typical Brunner product", says Dr. Marc Brunner about the mobile nesting table. Pivot can also be stacked to save space, is easy to move and also easy to lock in place, perfect for versatile premises.

twin – the colourful, stable and weatherproof plastic chair for indoor and outdoor use

In one piece and focussing on the essential – that is twin, a monoblock plastic chair. It is sturdy, easy to care for and available in numerous exciting colours. The intensive collaboration between designers Archirivolto, toolmakers and the Brunner design team enabled this model to combine stability with a sophisticated design. Its weatherproof material makes it ideally suited not only to public areas but also for outdoor use.

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