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Scheffel-Gymnasium, Mensa

Lahr, Germany, 2010

Nicer school breaks

In the new school canteen of Scheffel-Gymnasium in Lahr, linos, sleight and torino provide a pleasant time-out.


A clear formal language and the floor plan concept create the basis for a well-structured atmosphere for breaks and for work.

Karl Langensteiner-Schönborn, Mayor of the city of Lahr, responsible for building and construction

Changes in educational politics and an increasing number of pupils had Scheffel-Gymnasium high-school in Lahr reach its limits. The development towards a full-time school made it necessary to enlarge the building by seven science classrooms, a school canteen with a fully equipped kitchen, and the respective adjoining rooms. The goal of the design submitted by Lahr-based architectural firm Conrad und Conrad was to clearly structure the respective areas for lessons and recreation. The result: an elongated cuboid building with two floors, clearly separated visually. Just in time for the new school year 2010/11, the extension building was inaugurated – a building characterised by the arched supports on which the upper floor rests, as well as by its façade in four-colour cladding. Ample glass panes on the lower floor create a well-lit and friendly atmosphere inside, reinforced by the predominantly grey and white furniture in the Nicer school breaks In the new school canteen of Scheffel-Gymnasium in Lahr, linos, sleight and torino provide a pleasant time-out. school canteen with its 270 square metre floor surface. Here, 150 robust and easy-to-clean linos sled-base plastic chairs and sleight folding tables come into their own. Corresponding to the colours of the façade, linos in lava colour additionally presents lively accents. Matching bar stools of this series and torino standing tables complement the furnishings, which with their clear formal language are part of the overall design concept. Another colour of the façade is reflected in the floor covering, creating a harmonious yet stimulating overall appearance. Since both linos and sleight are stackable, and since sleight is particularly easy to handle thanks to its one-hand folding mechanism, chairs and tables are easy to transport and can be stored without taking up much space whenever they are not used. Thus the school canteen is ideally equipped to host different kinds of venues.

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