nate: A modern wooden chair.

Breaking the mould. Setting new standards.

We had a vision of a chair that breaks the mould and ticks a lot of different boxes. A modern and understated design. Plenty of usage benefits. Easy handling. And an efficient, state-of-the-art production process. With sustainability a priority for the materials, manufacturing and finished product. 

We brought that vision to life: A wooden chair that reflects the values of our time with quiet confidence, responds to people’s needs and is exceptionally comfortable. And it still appears natural and looks good.

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nate collection

For nate, it all started with a light, stackable, hygienic and fully recyclable wooden chair 2.0. There was a great deal more potential to uncover in its pioneering combination of materials consisting of ultra-thin shaped wood, sturdy solid wood and a frame made from 100% recycled plastic. Stools, benches and tables then followed. A comprehensive range of products was born: the nate collection.

A visionary all-rounder for offices, catering, care settings and public spaces.
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High-tech meets sustainability


nate is served.
The design coordinates perfectly with the organic lines of the chairs, stools and benches. nate tables are a natural addition to the range. They create meeting points and work surfaces in offices, catering, the hospitality sector, public spaces and health and care settings.

The subtle, organic nate design blends in perfectly with any architecture and guarantees optimum comfort.
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Steel is transformed into a precious metal

nate s

Subtle appearance, sturdy for everyday use and suitable for a wide range of applications.
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For reflection and understanding. From good to better.

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